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Love & War & The Sea In Between

by Josh Garrels

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White Owl 05:47
White Owl When the night comes, and you don’t know which way to go Through the shadowlands, and forgotten paths, you will find a road Like an owl you must fly by moonlight with an open eye, And use your instinct as a guide, to navigate the ways that lays before you, You were born to, take the greatest flight Like a serpent and a dove, you will have wisdom born of love To carry visions from above into the places no man dares to follow Every hollow in the dark of night Waiting for the light Take the flame tonight Child the time has come for you to go You will never be alone Every dream that you have been shown Will be like living stone Building you into a home A shelter from the storm Like a messenger of peace, the beauty waits be released Upon the sacred path you keep, leading deeper into the unveiling As your sailing, across the great divide Like a wolf at midnight howls, you use your voice in darkest hours To break the silence and the power, holding back the others from their glory Every story will be written soon The blood is on the moon Morning will come soon Child the time has come for you to go You will never be alone Every dream that you have been shown Will be like living stone Building you into a home A shelter from the storm
Flood Waters 03:17
Flood Waters Higher than the yonder mountain and deeper than the sea From the breadth of the east unto the west Is the love that started with a seed Stronger than the wildest horses and the rising tide The chords of death hung so heavy round our necks Will be left at the great divide Flood waters rise, but it wont wash away Love never dies, it will hold on more fierce than graves Farther than the pale moon rises upon the open plains Past the time of the longest blood line There shines an immortal flame Somewhere in between forever and this passing day There’s a place moth and rust cannot lay waste This is grace, the face of love Flood waters rise, but it wont wash away Love never dies, it will hold on more fierce than grave
Farther Along Farther along we’ll know all about it Farther along we’ll understand why Cheer up my brothers, live in the sunshine We’ll understand this, all by and by Tempted and tried, I wondered why The good man died, the bad man thrives And Jesus cries because he loves em’ both We’re all cast-aways in need of ropes Hangin’ on by the last threads of our hope In a house of mirrors full of smoke Confusing illusions I’ve seen Where did I go wrong, I sang along To every chorus of the song That the devil wrote like a piper at the gates Leading mice and men down to their fates But some will courageously escape The seductive voice with a heart of faith While walkin’ that line back home So much more to life than we’ve been told It’s full of beauty that will unfold And shine like you struck gold my wayward son That deadweight burden weighs a ton Go down into the river and let it run And wash away all the things you’ve done Forgiveness alright Chorus Still I get hard pressed on every side Between the rock and a compromise Like the truth and pack of lies fightin’ for my soul And I’ve got no place left go Cause I got changed by what I’ve been shown More glory than the world has known Keeps me ramblin’ on Skipping like a calf loosed from its stall I’m free to love once and for all And even when I fall I’ll get back up For the joy that overflows my cup Heaven filled me with more than enough Broke down my levee and my bluff Let the flood wash me And one day when the sky rolls back on us Some rejoice and the others fuss Cause every knee must bow and tongue confess That the son of god is forever blessed His is the kingdom, we’re the guests So put your voice up to the test Sing Lord, come soon Chorus
The Resistance I was born into a system constructed for failure It’s a sinking ship manned by drunken sailors An escape artist behind the bars of a jailor An asthmatic attack when we forgot the inhaler If the shoe doesn’t fit what good is a tailor In the midst of a crisis please cancel the gala Without a symphony there’s no need for a prelude To foreshadow what’s to come. See the secret committees, commence with their meetings To make red tape in response to simple questions Questions threaten the perception of the beneficial systems A pyramid scheme with it’s cogs and it’s pistons Mechanization of men, making more and more Live in a miserable exhistance How can so few, claim so many victims And this begs the question My rest is a weapon against the oppression Of mans obsession to control things Look at the long line of make believe kings The lord of the flies want’s you to kiss his ring Follow new rules with invisible strings And become a puppet in the diabolical scheme How do good men become part of the regime They don’t believe in resistance. Hold fast like an anchor in the storm We will not be moved Lesson number one, overcome Every fear of regret and confusion It’s all illusion, delusion Sent to disconnect the holy fusion Of spirit and the flesh Every mortal breath, is meant to bring forth fire But only when the fear of death, gets consumed On the funeral pier So let the flames rise higher Let every man be considered a liar If he doubts the goodness and faithfulness of God Itching ears will compulsively nod in approval When unbelief is taught in all our temples and schools But God can restrain the madness of a fool He can bring His truth through the mouth of a mule You can move an mountain without any tools It just takes the faith of a little seed to make a way through what might seem to be Impossibility, And the ability will match the occasion The outcome will defy explanation The liberation will not be televised When it arrives like lightning in the skies Hold fast like an anchor in the storm For your love, we will rise and overcome Through the fire Hold fast my people and sing Through peace and through suffering All for the joy that it brings, to be free It’s gonna cost us everything To follow one Lord and King True love endures everything To be free Hold fast, like an anchor in the storm We will not be moved
Slip Away 04:28
Slip Away Hold on, before I slip away The flames gone, dark I am afraid How strong, is flesh and blood I cannot, can take back what I’ve done To you, my sweetest friend I betrayed you, I walked away again Now all that’s left, is what might have been Please forgive me, before we reach the end Hold on, before I slip away My loves gone cold, I’ve gone astray How strong, is flesh and blood I cannot take back what I’ve done
Ulysses 04:16
Ulysses I’m holding on to the hope that one day this could be made right. I’ve been shipwrecked, and left for dead, and I have seen the darkest sights. Everyone I’ve loved seems like a stranger in the night But Oh my heart still burns, tells me to return, and search the fading light. I’m sailing home to you I wont be long By the light of moon I will press on Until, I find, my love Trouble has beset my ways, and wicked winds have blown Sirens call my name, they say they’ll ease my pain, then break me on the stones But true love is the burden that will carry me back home Carry me with the, memories of the, beauty I have known I’m sailing home to you I wont be long By the light of moon I will press on So tie me to the mast of this old ship and point me home Before I lose the one I love, before my chance is gone I want to hold, her in, my arms
Beyond the Blue Stand on the shores of a site unseen The substance of this dwells in me Cause my natural eyes only go skin deep But the eye’s of my heart anchor the sea Plumbing the depths to the place in between The tangible world and the land of a dreams Because everything ain’t quite it seems There’s more beneath the appearance of things A beggar could be king within the shadows, Of a wing And wisdom will honor everyone who will learn To listen, to love, and to pray and discern And to do the right thing even when it burns And to live in the light through treacherous turns A man is weak, but the spirit yearns To keep on course from the bow to the stearn And throw overboard every selfish concern That tries to work for what can’t be earned Sometimes the only way to return is to go, Where the winds will take you And to let go, of all, you cannot hold onto For the hope, beyond,the blue Yellow and gold as the new day dawns Like a virgin unveiled who waited so long To dance and rejoice and sing her song And rest in the arms of a love so strong No one comes unless they’re drawn By the voice of desire that leads em’ along To the redemption of what went wrong By the blood that coveres the innocent one No more separation Between us. So lift your voice just one more time If there’s any hope may it be a sign That everything was made to shine Despite what you can see So take this bread and drink this wine And hide your spirit within the vine Where all things will work by a good design For those who will believe And let go, of all, we cannot hold onto For the hope, beyond, the blue Said I let go, of all, I could not hold onto For the hope, I have, in you
For You 02:32
For You Got so much I’m dying to tell you But you can’t bare to hear me now In a little while I must move on But I’ll send my love to you You can, call my name And I will find you Heaven and Hell can’t separate our love I’m doing this all for you my love But I’ll come back Yeah I’ll come back Yeah I’ll come back for you For You
Feel the wind blow, through the window, I know, that we’ll make it through It’s a million miles from, where we begun, and I, I still love you I remember, as clear as ever, the day, when we first met Lord you know I, l love to hold her eyes, in mine everyday since Everyday and night Together we will grow Makin' the most of a life As we hold each other close As we grow old, may it be told, that we, never lost our flame If love’s a fire, Then our desire, is to burn, untamed Everyday and night Together we will grow Makin' the most of a life As we hold each other close
Bread & Wine 03:54
Bread & Wine I was wrong, everybody needs someone, to hold on Take my hand, I’ve been a lonesome man, took a while to understand There's some things we can’t live without, A man’s so prone to doubt, Faithful are the wounds from friends. So give it just a little time, Share some bread and wine Weave your heart into mine, My friend Walls fall down, where there’s a peaceful sound, lonely souls hang around Don’t be shy, there’s nothing left to hide, come on let’s talk a while Of the places we left behind, No longer yours and mine But we could build a good thing here too So give it just a little time, Share bread and wine Weave your heart into mine If I fall, I fall alone, but two can help to bear the load A threefold chord is hard to break All I have I give to you if you will share your sorrows too, Then joy will be the crown upon our heads My friend
Rise 04:43
Rise I hung my head, for the last time In surrender and despair Before I’m dead, I’ll take the last climb Up the mountain, face my fears The time has come, to make a choice Use my voice for the love of every man My minds made up, never again Never again, will I turn round Though they may surround me like lions And crush me on all sides I may fall, but I will rise Not by my might, or my power, or by the strength of swords Only through, your love, my lord All we’ve lost, will be, restored Take courage sons, for we must go under The heart of darkness, and set them free But don’t lose heart when you see the numbers There’s no measure for, the faith we bring It’s given us, to overcome If we run, where the spirit calls us on The greatest things, have yet to come With the dawn, we will rise Though they may surround us like lions And crush us on all sides we may fall, but we will rise Not by my might, or my power, or by the strength of swords Only through, your love, my lord All we’ve lost, will be, restored
The March 02:31
Revelator 04:49
Revelator Had a dream I was alone A vast expanse of complete unknown Sea of glass so clear it shown, Like gold Then a voice like thunder clapped, As a dead man I collapsed I am the first, I am the last, Now rise my son Then behold ten thousand kings, And every creature worshipping Every eye was on one thing, One man He’s like a lion like a lamb, As though slain he holds the plan To make war and peace with man, And reign on earth Holy, Holy, is the One, Who was and is, and is to come In a robe as red as blood, He comes forth Ride like lightning in the sky, Upon the war horse he draws nigh, The same one we crucified, Will come again
Pilot Me 03:11
Pilot Me I will arise and follow you over Savior please, pilot me Over the waves and through every sorrow Savior please, pilot me When I have no more strength left to follow Fall on my knees, pilot me May your sun rise and lead me on Over the sea’s, savior pilot me O’ Lord
Processional 01:38


released June 15, 2011

All songs written by Josh Garrels.
*Chorus of “Farther Along” - traditional

All songs produced by Josh & Michelle Garrels.
*Mason Jar Music and recorded and produced "White Owl", "Ulysses", and "Bread & Wine" with Josh Garrels

Mixed by David Wilton and Josh Garrels at St. Ida’s in Lafayette, CO

Mastered by Nick Moon at Tone Proper Mastering in Portland, OR

Art & Design by Chris Tobias at StereoTonic


all rights reserved



Josh Garrels Niles, Michigan

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